Information About Repiping Your Home

In the past, galvanized and iron pipes were the standard piping material. However, these pipes are bulky and susceptible to rusting; they require to be replaced often. Of late, plastic and copper pipes have found a lot of use in the pipes industry. The copper is the most widely used since the material is light [...]

The Works of a Professional Plumber

Are you interested in being a plumber? Here’s a brief overwiew on this type of profession. The plumber’s job is to repair or replace the broken pipes that provide the needed water to flats, houses and other buildings. But it doesn’t stop there, plumbers not only repair pipes but also installing them. Most people don’t [...]

Know the Rules Before Doing Your Own Home Plumbing Repairs

For people who are experiencing problems with their current plumbing system or for those who would want to remodel their homes and redesign their plumbing system, there is more than just aesthetics. There are certain regulations which should be noted and carefully considered before engaging in any activity. If an individual fails to meet the [...]

Plumbing: Don’t Flush Away Your Hard-earned Cash!


It’s a dirty job, but someone has to do it—and get paid pretty well for doing it, too!  If you’re a homeowner, chances are you have had to, or will have to, call a plumber for what you felt was an emergency plumbing repair. After you called and received an estimate, or had one come [...]

Plumbing & Toilet History

Plumbing to a lot of people is not interesting, and they think only plumbers need to know about the subject. A lot of people do not like history either, and plumbing history is certainly uninteresting. However, a little information on the art of it might spike a little curiosity, and a lot of appreciation for [...]

Hiring a Plumbing Company: Tips from Atlanta Plumbers

Hiring a Plumbing

One area of your home you never want to take shortcuts on is your plumbing. Poor workmanship can cost you thousands in repairs. Not only does a failure cause the initial work have to be redone, but it could result in damages to flooring, walls, electrical systems, and more. The best way to avoid costly [...]

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