Should You Hang Curtains Over Plantation Shutters?

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This is a question that is asked often. Some feel that shutters alone look perhaps too stark or are not dressed up enough to stand on their own when it comes to enhancing home décor. However, many others feel that nothing could be further from the truth.

The problem with curtains is that they very quickly become dated. What is in fashion for a year or two quickly goes out of style. While some people do not mind, others feel compelled to ditch their curtains and buy new ones. Plantation shutters are somewhat ageless, they never really become dated and they remain appealing and decorative year after year.

If you like curtains, it is certainly possible to combine curtains and plantation shutters, however you would not want to hang heavy drapes over your plantation shutter. If you do that, you really should not bother with installing shutters at all.

If you want to hang curtains as well, the best curtains to hang are those that are rather translucent and light. You do not need heavy lined drapes over shutters, that is simply over-kill. Light curtains, especially pulled back and tied at the side, can add to the overall appeal of shutters. They work especially well with white shutters though they can also be used effectively with wood curtains. The main reasons for hanging curtains over shutters are to help with the continuity of color. If you have a room where the predominant color is red, or green or some other bold shade, curtains tied neatly at the side of your shutters can help to continue the color pattern around the room.

In summary, while you do not need to hang curtains over interior plantation shutters there are some times when they may help, such as when you are trying to carry a color theme through several rooms. Just make sure the curtains do not detract from the beauty of the shutters, but rather enhance them.

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