Plantation Shutters and You

Plantation Shutters

When it comes to the world of interior decorating it seems like everyone is an expert.  Heck, there are tons of people that have started side businesses doing just that.  Of course some do it exceptionally well, while others don’t really put forth the effort required to get truly amazing results.  And finally there are [...]

Wooden blinds in your home

Wooden blinds

When it comes to buying a new house it is often one of the last things considered.  Before you move in you are worried about having the movers there on time, what sort of appliances you will have, what furniture you need to fit the new space and a laundry list of about 50 other [...]

Let The Sun Shine In: Skylight Construction Perks


High windows and skylights are features you can include in just about any room inside your home–your bedroom, kitchen, bathroom, living rooms, garage, and even your closets can benefit from these luminous designs. They add a bold and fabulous style to any room and come in a plethora of unique constructions. If you want to [...]

Shopping For Window Valances

Window Valances

Shopping for window valances should be fun not frustrating. It can be a bit overwhelming what with the multitude of options that are available but when you know what to look for it will make it much easier. It is important to start by setting a budget. For example, valances for bay windows, especially when [...]

Basswood Blinds is a Great Choice


If you are just building your home you must have noticed that basswood is a material that can be used in all parts of your home. You can find it in flooring, roofing, as a material for furniture, and basically for anything that can be made out of wood. Why is this? Because in the [...]

Automatic Window Blinds Help Control The Electric Bill

Automatic Window Blinds

That sounds crazy, but it is true. For example if your house is located in a sunny place and has big windows, the sun can really heat up the house during a hot and sunny summer’s day. Then the air conditioner has to work overtime to cool down the house again. You can close the [...]

Making Roman Blinds

Roman Blinds

Making a Roman shade is one of the most popular craft projects that people want to create but are afraid it will be too hard. Making roman blinds are cheaper than buying one and getting it install correctly. Most Roman shades can be made depending on the choice of hardware and material around $20 to [...]

Curtain Styles

curtain styles

Change the look of an entire room by dressing them up with curtains, valances and shades. Window treatments are a powerful décor element, making space look formal or casual, dramatic or whimsical. Your choice of treatment can pull together a room, even one of disparate furnishings, turning it into showcase quality. There are vast selections [...]

Updating Your Home With Exterior Shutters


It is fast and easy to update the look of a home by adding exterior shutters. These come in a variety of designs, colors and materials. The only question homeowners need to ask themselves is which ones should we choose. Original shutters were made to close and protect the window openings and the occupants of [...]

Don’t Buy Cheap Kitchen Curtains

Cheap Kitchen Curtains

Why do we do it? We spend huge amounts on a kitchen remodeling project costing many thousands of dollars and then try and save money by buying cheap kitchen curtains. It makes no sense to cheapen your superb top of the range kitchen like that. And what is worse, many of us neglect to buy [...]

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