A Swimming Pool Ionizer Is Good For Your Skin

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Swimming pools are the best and they are even better if you have your own. Pools are great for playing around and for cooling down on a hot summer’s day and of course it’s also good for exercise. I like to swim and pool walk in my own pool. In fact I exercise in the pool almost every day. It has done wonders for my health but I noticed that I was not doing the same thing for my skin. My skin started to dry up even though I moisturize every day. I don’t have the most sensitive skin, but still swimming in a pool is very bad for me. I looked it up and it seems that it is the chlorine that I use in my pool that is causing my skin to dry up. Can you imagine how surprised I was when I discovered that chlorine is a very toxic industrial chemical? Seriously, they use that stuff to bleach paper and it is also used in insecticides. No wonder it’s bad for your skin if they use it to kill insects.

So I threw away my bottles of chlorine and emptied the pool. I filled it up with just clean water. It was so much better for my skin. No more itching and scratching. All is good now… Or so I thought. After a while the water started to turn murky and greenish. Clearly I needed something to keep it clean, something else than chlorine. A friend of mine pointed out that perhaps I could try a swimming pool ionizer. It is a device that electronically filters out the impurities in the water. So a went to a store that sells pools to see what the ionizer is all about. One thing I found out that it was not cheap at all, but when I did the math I found out that it would actually cost me less in the long run as there is no need to put chemicals in water. So the next day I went back and bought the sucker. I can tell you it works, it really works and the best thing is that now I can enjoy my daily swim without my skin suffering.

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